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Hitler reacts to SOPA



I hate to be that guy (bring on the hatemail though).

I hate to be that guy, but I think the terrorists, hell..WHATEVER brought about the attacks on September 11th, 2001, won the fight they were fighting for.

Notice I didn’t say the war. Mostly because us Americans kicked the Middle East’s ass with superior firepower.

They won their own fight. The whole point of their heinous mission was to scare the shit out of people. Well, I don’t know about yall, but the fact that a bunch of guys were able to take over planes and crash them into buildings sure scared the shit out of me.

Everything has changed since then, too. Why do you think everyone worships the 90’s like they were the end all be all of decades? It’s because the 90’s were about the last time anyone can look back and remember genuine normalcy in society. Since the attacks, the following things have occured: increased and invasive security checks, multiple stock market crashes, the biggest depression since the 1920’s, 100% partisan splits in the government, huge surges in racism, phone tapping, and now the new defense bill that could possibly allow for American citizens to be indefinitely detained for suspicion if terrorism.

That expansive list is a product of one thing: Fear. Before 2001, people could go to bed, go to work, and fly on airplanes having a general assurance that the world would not, and could not end, by the hands of only a squad of poorly trained radicals. Now, we can’t even eat bread now without the fear of gluten or preservatives. Listen, I’m not saying terrorists made us afraid of bread, but they sure as hell introduced a new factor that has played a part of every person’s life for the past 11 years: fear. Which, in my roundabout way of explaining this in my tumblr post, is exactly what that band of Muslim terrorists planned in the first place. 

In conclusion, yes, you may create a drinking game on keywords in this blog post. I’m sure it would work magnificently.

To the NSA agent reading this blog post because it was flagged because I overused the words terrorist, radicals, and fear: I promise I am a patriot, and I love America deeply. I’m even sort of excited to pay taxes for the first time this year. 

And to all the people that actually read this far: bravo, my friend. You deserve a pat on the back.